Monday, 26 December 2011



Times have changed, the energy vibration has shifted and lifted to a Higher level of consciousness and existence. Now it's about surrendering and accepting the new all encompassing collective being that we Truly are.
The blue spiral of pure creation, the web of past, present and future - the now.

It's been a challenging period of releasing all past aspects of self, both physically and Spiritually in preparation for this new stage in Planetary and humanity evolution. Those who have been waiting have been swept away by the strength of the needed Transformational change that has blasted it's way through.

Everything has been highlighted, brought up for review and anything and everything that no longers serves the lower density vibration must be released before we can move on effectively.
Walls have come tumbling down but only to be rebuilt on a stronger, firmer foundation of our personal Truth.
Many will hear the call from within, the inner voices that speak our Truth. What was, has been, and what is to be WILL be.
Only by relinquishing the hold on our three dimensional perceptions and being can we move on Spiralling upwards into the higher levels of our consciousness.
Fear must be placed on a starvation diet and courage, strength and Faith in our inner core truth must be realised.
Letting go, and welcoming back the past aspects of our collective being that can serve us now, aspects from other dimensional realms of existence, our true collective self will expand and form our new being. A Divine being of Light ready to hold and work with the new evolutionary energies that are and continue to be released for our collective benefit.
Listen to the Truth from within yourself, honour that Truth and be excited about what your Truth holds for you.

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