Monday, 12 December 2011

The Holly Wreath

Today I wanted to talk about the symbolism of the Holly Wreath, it is afterall the Festive Season!
The symbolism of a Holly Wreath is that of far more than a pretty decorative item placed on your Front Door this season!

Firstly the shape is important, the Circle.
The Circle has such an important and broad symbolic interpretation. Words such as eternity, eternal life, the beginning without an end, the cycle of life, as one phase ends so a new one begins are evoked.
The Circle is a sacred Universal symbol of Divinity and shows Unity, wholeness, infinity, being one with. One with self, one with the family and friends, one with humanity and one with the Universe.

It's worth taking time out to have a ponder on your own associated thoughts and feelings of a circle. What emotions does it invoke in you? We are all different and although Circle has a Universal meaning our own personal thoughts creates a much deeper understanding.

Items selected to be placed within your Wreath each carry there own message.

Holly was considered a sacred plants by the Druids, (Wise people of the ancient traditions) to them Holly represented good luck, protection and assistance in dreamwork and particularly revered in Winter when other plants had shed their foliage in preparation for a period of dormancy. Holly is celebrated for it's resilience to cope with all seasons and have it's glossy leaves shine brightly throughout all weathers. A sign for Victory and Light over all circumstances. The berries at this time of the year represents fertility and creative expression. The ability to be fruitful and to continue creating the seed from which all will grow.

The wreath I made above has apples in it. I like to include apples because of their personal symbolism.
Apples to me represent Love, Fertility, Abundance, Truth and Peace and at a time when many of us have family with us, a powerful carrier of those energies with which to surround our Loved ones and self.

Pine Cones.
I love the symbolism of Pine cones, firstly they are representative in Spiritual development of the pineal  gland, the Third eye, the opening up and connection to the mystical nature of our True self. Like a real pinecone which uses the sun, the Light to open and share it's seeds, so too the pineal gland uses the Spiritual Light.   Allowing us to receive those seeds of mystical intrigue that leads to a search for deeper understanding within our life. If you are partial to a meditation!, then holding a Pine cone whilst doing so, can produce a deep connection with it's meaning.

Making your own wreath can be a wonderful opportunity for you to include and bring in energy aspects that you wish to bring forth in your life and surroundings for the season.

Give it a go, it's not difficult  to do and means so much more when you've put your time, your thoughts and your efforts into it's creation.

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