Monday, 26 December 2011



Times have changed, the energy vibration has shifted and lifted to a Higher level of consciousness and existence. Now it's about surrendering and accepting the new all encompassing collective being that we Truly are.
The blue spiral of pure creation, the web of past, present and future - the now.

It's been a challenging period of releasing all past aspects of self, both physically and Spiritually in preparation for this new stage in Planetary and humanity evolution. Those who have been waiting have been swept away by the strength of the needed Transformational change that has blasted it's way through.

Everything has been highlighted, brought up for review and anything and everything that no longers serves the lower density vibration must be released before we can move on effectively.
Walls have come tumbling down but only to be rebuilt on a stronger, firmer foundation of our personal Truth.
Many will hear the call from within, the inner voices that speak our Truth. What was, has been, and what is to be WILL be.
Only by relinquishing the hold on our three dimensional perceptions and being can we move on Spiralling upwards into the higher levels of our consciousness.
Fear must be placed on a starvation diet and courage, strength and Faith in our inner core truth must be realised.
Letting go, and welcoming back the past aspects of our collective being that can serve us now, aspects from other dimensional realms of existence, our true collective self will expand and form our new being. A Divine being of Light ready to hold and work with the new evolutionary energies that are and continue to be released for our collective benefit.
Listen to the Truth from within yourself, honour that Truth and be excited about what your Truth holds for you.

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Mrs Moon.

So although the image above is of a Blue Moon, and not a New Moon, hey ho! Loved the image and loved the colour! Blue is a powerful energy colour and so needed an airing!

So today is a New Moon in Capricorn.

New Moon's offer the opportunity of setting new intentions. A chance to set in place, images and visions of Highest possibilites. Creating those images are the first step in the process of manifestation, so allow them to be as big and as beautiful as you need them to be.

You might be catching on to a theme in my blogs by now. To me it's about Spiritual growth and development. Developing and growing Spirit allows us to grow and develop in our physical expression. Aligning your images and thoughts intuitively through guidance received from within allows the magnificence of the form to be taken through the steps to manifestation.

With Capricorn's New Moon, to me it's about the opportunity of putting into place some sort of Structure and order into development. Without structure we can have a tendency to wander less purposefully and that leads to less effective means of using the energy and guidance provided to form growth.

For me the Qabalah offers a fantastic way to look at whatever aspects of Spirituality you are drawn to explore but within a supportive, structural example through the Universal Symbol of the Tree of Life.

With Qabalah you are free to explore aspects of Astrology, working with and developing relationships with Archetypal energy forms, working with the Angelic forces and using their energy, exploring pastlives, tarot, Healing, Meditation an on and on. Nothing is restricted it's a way to walk your walk the way your True self is asking you to walk it with the bonus of building up the confidence to talk your talk too.

There's no joining fee, you don't have to share blood, or look at anything that you aren't drawn too. It leaves you free to explore on your own terms but with a non restrictive discipline available that offers support and guidance.

Ultimately your walk on the path is your journey, Qabalah offers you a chance to meet up with others and share in a group or if you prefer, enough guidance is there to allow you to travel alone.

The Qabalah is well worth a google if you are drawn to any of the above aspects of Spirituality, in fact when it comes down to the Truth all aspects of Spirituality is encompassed within the Qabalah.

Enjoy putting into place your visions for the next year and remember to think about ways of structuring your development, whether it's buying a dream diary to start taking notes that arise from our subconscious self, taking time out to meditate, be it on the floor crossed legged or whilst on the move or whilst doing the ironing! Meditation is taking time to listen to the silence within and access images, thoughts and feeling that crop up whilst there. I'm quite happy to do that whilst doing the ironing task. For me It's the perfect opportunity, I find ironing mind numbingly dull and can hit the silence rapidly! It could be a chance for you to look at local groups where you can meet regularly to share thoughts with like minded people or joining an online group, looking at workshops or sessions that can give you a boost in enthusiasm or an opening into something new to take a look at. Whatever ways or means you choose to introduce form and structure into your Spiritual growth it will be worthwhile. Wandering aimlessly is tiring on the Spirit as well as the feet!

Have fun and let yourself go where you feel drawn, remembering the Light is always a guiding Star for all.

Useful websites:

Friday, 23 December 2011




Today it's good 'ole Father Christmas that gets to have an outing, just in case you've missed him over the last 3 months!

Father Christmas, Santa, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle and on and on in his different guises from all over the World!

When looking at the symbolism behind the Jolly chappie I'm reminded of the wonderful energy of the Planet Jupiter, hence the magnificent picture above.

Thanks to my friend David Wells @ for reminding today that Jupiter goes forward on Sunday the 25th, Christmas day, what a coincidence, or not!

The energy of Jupiter I liken to the colour Purple, which seems to be getting a prolonged outing at the minute! Purple is the opportunity for transformation, through transformation comes the chance for a great gift. That of reaching and being an altered Higher form. Perceiving and being open to aspects that as yet we may not have been aware of. Embracing a greater depth in our self through our Spiritual, mental and physical being.

So Jupiter, top man! Jupiter linked to the energy of Archangel Zadkiel and linked to the Qabalistic sephirah of Chesed. Chesed, kindness, Love, abundance and a whole lot more if you feel drawn to explore.
 Love firstly for self as without Love and kindness for self we are dependent on looking for that in others. Creating expectations and demands that we have no right to put on others. Once we are able to receive Love within ourselves we can then love others in the way that is meant, Unconditionally, without expectations, without demands and without judgements.

So the rosy cheeked chappie Santa comes along to show us what? Well in this day and age it would appear he comes to bring a sack load of 'stuff'! I'm sure somewhere hidden amongst the stuff is at least half of a one thing that we truly need in our life?! Or perhaps not! Perhaps we struggle in this age to find something that might fill a desire, a want, a need through a physical gift? Asking my kids what they wanted this Year was a struggle, why, because they already have all they want. Throughout the year we buy 'stuff' we feel we want that will fill that gap that needs to be filled, but does 'stuff' truly fill that gap?

Why not allow this Christmas to be a time where that gap if filled with Love and with kindness, the Truth behind the energy. Many of us have the opportunity to share time with our near and dear, either physically or for those with loved ones in Spirit an opportunity to share and spend concentrated time with them.

For those who have no physical to share with then it's a perfect opportunity to share time with you. Loneliness is a negative perception of a chance to get to know yourself, your true self. We are never alone, we have an energetic connection with all. Tune in to your thoughts, your feelings and let the support you are gifted be the true main present of this season.

Don't forget we don't live in this worldwideweb for nothing. Feeling disconnected presents you with an opportunity to reach out to others through the internet, to share with our energetic friends, although not visually seeing them we connect on a deeper level.

Welcome the energy of Jupiter into your life, explore the gift of connection with our self and through that reach out and give the gift of connection with others who may need that physical or energetic contact.

Have a fabulously, wonderful Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you are with. And if with yourself, how wonderful, no arguing over the TV controlle! Be free to enjoy the time off from the usual routine doing something YOU want to do with someone who needs your attention, YOU!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011


                                                           EAGLE NEBULA IMAGE

This beautiful image is from the Hubble telescope and is of the Eagle Nebula. It caught my attention today for a number of reasons.

Firstly in my Facebook group ITSALLWITHIN there was a linked shared about the recent discovery of several new planets.

I find this exciting. For those who have been open to the possibilities of other lifeforms, an energetic form of organism, entity or being existing then it's always a welcome to see information like this being released. The continuation of Science and Spirit combining to create a deeper, whole understanding.

For those who work with energy through subtler means then this won't come as a surprise. For those who haven't felt the inclination or need to explore this then it could be a 'scientific, logical' beginning of an explanation of a possibility of something other than this physical existence we lead. Perhaps a way of becoming open to the possibility that there are other dimensional realms of energetic form that sight alone as yet cannot access. Take a look at the recent discovery of 'Neutrino's', suggesting that Einstein's theory although right for the time is possibly ready to move on to a newer, Higher level of understanding.

Everything is energy, slow vibrational energy has form, we can 'see' ourselves, objects etc that have a denser energy. Colour and sound too have a vibrational energy. Thoughts and words have energy. Thoughts and feelings create chemical/energetic reactions within our body. Each sound has a different vibrational rate. Some sounds carry a purer vibration. Combining different sounds and indeed combining different letters produce differing vibrations at differing levels of purity,

The purer the vibration the purer the energy is sent and received. If a pure vibration is received by our conscious and thus subconscious self we are in benefit of it. If however the vibrational energy delivered conflicts with our energy body and vibration this has a negative effect. The vibration of Light is a pure energy.

In terms of colour use we are each drawn at different times to different combinations, thus mimicing our subtler energy desire to receive that colour blend for positive interaction on our energetic self.

When working with the mineral kingdom and drawn to using different crystals our energetic self is requesting it's energy for a function.

Today I've been drawn to Aquamarine and that colour is in the above image. As i've said in previous blogs, we don't physically need to have the crystal, we can focus our energy thoughts and connect to the energy of the crystal to work with it, try it, you might be surprised!

To me Aquamarine, is soothing, cooling, almost a sedative from overwork, but overwork on a mental or Spiritual level. Placed over our third eye chakra it can bring about into our energy body that soothing, calming effect. I've been a bit busy on that front lately and needed the aquamarine connection to rebalance and adjust so I can continue working without it draining me. Physical benefits of the energy of Aquamarine is respiratory, chest, bronchial disorders and it also assists with teeth and gum issues.

Aquamarine works well with several of our main Chakras and can help to rebalance and harmonise them. Heart to Throat to Third eye chakras in particularly and if you are working with your higher Heart chakra open then it benefits this too.

Been a challenging energetic period over the last 6 weeks. Great opportunities for clearing out old thought forms and general 'stuff' emotionally and physically that we no longer need. Moving on from that to allow room for the new. There are high levels of energy consciousness that are here to be embraced and worked with here but before they can be embraced and used effectively then this period of removal and transformation is required. Releasing, letting go of things that may have served us in the past can feel hard, draining energetically, having emotional and physical effects. Tis often a dark Night of the Soul that is experienced at this time, but from pain comes the opportunity of great gain.

Releasing and moving away from, doesn't mean it was wrong, it was right for that time but everything changes and so does our purpose as we grow. So let it go, be thankful for it and be excited at what is coming next!


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Windmill's hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function.

Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it's workings. Air amongst a plethora of interpretation, representative of thought, intellect, idea and synthesis. 
Linked to the Astrological signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Air is the primary basis of all existence.
'I think, therefore I am', by Descartes sums up the principle.

The Wind turns the sails and the sails turn the millstones. Processing from a raw material, a grain, a seed, which holds all potential, through stages of transformation. Crushed through the strength of the millstones and then  releasing and producing a Purer refined substance. An Alchemists treasured process.

So once again a process of transmutation, from one state to a higher state and once again can be likened to the process of Spiritual evolution. 

The flour can be formed into bread, bread being a representation of the body of Christ, Christ, an energy that carries with it great Wisdom, strength, courage and Love.

The pure Truth of all Religion, (often hidden away by our  perceptions of a controlling, dominant, restrictive means of accessing Spiritual empowerment), is LOVE. Pure Unconditional Love. Love without demand, without expectations and without judgement. Jesus the Christed man was a living example of that empowered existence as well as others in differering religions and beliefs with a similar message.

Often our thoughts of the energy that some call God, others the source, to some, just the highest, purest state and of Christ is tainted by our earlier experiences. Either through experience of, or through media of a Strict Religion based teaching that instead of promoting ideal aspects appear to produce warring factions, the very antithesis of Love. 
This is a shame as looking at the energies in their purest form can create a great tool for self and soul development and empowerment. Being open to and not dismissing these named energies leaves open a pathway to heightened levels of consciousness and realisation if we choose to explore and offers the chance to receive guidance and support from Spirit whilst walking our own walk.

As we move along one of the many paths, we come into contact with many different named energies. Named so that we can identify with them. Archetypal energies, each offering something different to aid and assist us with. These Archetypes are present in dream, meditation and daily life through symbols and other energy representations.

Embracing these energies, working with and through them creates within us a network of support.  Energy, Spirit guidance and a comforting presence. 
As we spend more time walking our path we are offered opportunities to regather other aspects of our multidimensional self. Aspects that exist in energetic form in other planes of existance.

For many this can seem strange to say the least. I guess it all comes down to what you believe this life we lead here on Earth to be?
Are we here as three dimensional beings just living this existence or are there others aspects to our selves? When this physical body stops functioning, what happens then? Is it game over, or game just rebeginning elsewhere in a different form?

If you are open to the possibility that an essence of our self moves on, then understanding that there are multidimensional aspects of our spirit elsewhere would seem, dare I say it, 'logical'! It's not as far fetched a belief as first seems but having blind Faith in this often is not enough. You have to experience aspects of it to believe.

Anyway back to the Windmill! It again like the colour purple is a symbol of Spiritual transformation and ascendance so if Windmill's are ever highlighted for you, take a look within at your own personal feelings, emotions and intuitions that surround Mr Windymillers gaff!


Monday, 19 December 2011


The Vibrational Energy of the colour Purple is a powerful tool in Spiritual Transformation in the Age of Aquarius, Age of Horus. As powerful in strength now as when it's True symbolism was understood and used in past Civilisations and Ages.

Purple's Energy is Magical, Mystical, Mysticism, Power, Royalty, Nobility and Wealth.
These attributes were understood originally in their Spiritual sense rather than in physical expressions but over time the energy of Purple became the energy of power through control and dominance over others instead of it's True use in Personal empowerment. The cost of producing the dye meant that in Ancient Egypt and Rome, only the Royalty, Nobility or High Priestly roles wore that colour as a sign of their Spiritual Understanding.

Purple is Transmutation, the ability to change one form to a purer state. The Ancient Alchemists understood this in their Quest for The Philosophers Stone, the perfected Spiritual state, of attaining the highest level of consciousness.
Chemists use transmutation processes to change physical elements.

Purple is associated with the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Lord of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Ritual. His energy provides the opportunity to create powerful change in our self. Clearing emotions, feelings, thoughts, circumstances whose energies no longer serve us.
An opportunity through Archetypal guidance to clear through the challenges of the darker energies, - removing and creating the alteration from dark to Light. Allowing us to rediscover and connect with our collective being (our multidimensional true self) in Higher realms of consciousness that we can bring to life in our Physical.

Strength can be provided whilst going through this often challenging and at times emotionally painful process by tuning into the energy of the Crystal Amethyst. A powerful protective energy, that aids also by opening us up to the reconnection of our true Spiritual Nature. I'd also recommend the Crystal Peacock Ore as well and as I've mentioned in an earlier blog it isn't necessary to have these Crystals. Just tuning into their image and intuitively accessing their energy is just as powerful.
Malachite and Green Aventurine are also useful Crystals to use during this period of inner change. They bring in often much needed Love, Balance, Harmony and Healing through the Heart Chakra and the strength of protection and courage of Turquoise even through wearing the colour, particularly around the Throat can help the Throat Chakra with clear expression during this experience.

The Planets Jupiter and Arcturus are linked to Purple and the energy that these planets exert are worth researching both inwardly and outwardly, esoterically and exoterically. Finding and working with the placement of Jupiter in your Natal chart can help to bring a deeper understanding of it's influences in your Nature and help you to work with those traits.

Jupiter is linked to the Qabalah Sephirah Chesed and working within the supportive structure, archetypal form and symbolism of the Q can bring much needed non restrictive Spiritual development and growth through guidance. An opportunity which feeds not only our Soul but our Physical expression.

Further information and links about the Mystical Qabalah can be found at and

If you are faced with a Purple path in dreams or meditations know that you are being offered the chance to walk a path that offers a great opportunity in clearance, a chance to review aspects of your inner self that can be released and let go of to create a purer Higher State of multi faceted consciousness.

Merlin, (Wizard/Magician archetype) and the Wiseman (Hermit, guidance, Wisdom, knowledge) is also linked to the colour Purple and working with the collective energy of these archetypes whilst going through the transformational process can offer deep support and guidance at a challenging time.

When drawn towards Purple in the physical, through clothes, crystals, flowers, dreams, meditations,etc, recognise that Purple's energy is calling you forward to bring you the possibility of great change and the chance to transform the self to a multidimensional expression, no small deal! Be brave, be strong, be courageous and delve into the inner to review, release and move upwards!


Friday, 16 December 2011




Drawn to sharing my thoughts on the Crystal Azurite and Larimar today.
Azurite (Lapis Lingua) was mentioned by Edgar Cayce and althought Larimar at that time had not been rediscovered it's believed that this also was described by Cayce. It's worth taking a look at information about both Cayce and his legacy, A.R.E, Association for Research and Enlightenment, as it can lead to some interesting insights.
Each of these two Crystals have very different and specific energies connected to them and through experience I have found when their energy calls for focus on, they can produce significant results.

Larimar is an exceptional stone to use if drawn towards, for Healing. In my experience, primarily used for drawing out and healing through the Higher Heart to throat and producing an effect that allows expression of the Higher Heart, Unconditional Divine Love.

Also very effective in my experience for use by Males as it introduces a Feminine energy aspect for bringing in balance of the masculine/feminine polarity. 
Healing of the thymus, thyroid and chest physically and promoting the Healer within. This crystal is also very strongly linked to Lemurian energy and that of sonic communicative vibration.

Azurite is linked to psychic development and promoting by opening to it's fullest expression the Third eye Chakra. This is not a subtle opening, more of a wham, bam, thank you mam job and when you hear the call for Azurite's use know that this could be a serious jump in your spiritual development, rising you to a much Higher vibrational rate that will only be tolerated if the right preparation and clearance has been made by the self, physically and Spiritually.

Azurite is also linked to Sagittarius and it's energy can be focused on when needing to connect to a deeper Universal energy through Sagittarius' link with the Galactic Centre and the energy made available at that target point.

With all crystals I believe it is about using the ones you are drawn to. They will work their energy when you are ready to receive them and allowing yourself to be drawn to a specific crystal is a fantastic opportunity of allowing your intuition to guide.

Azurite or Lapis Lingua as it was more commonly known in the past is believed to have been used in the Atlantean period, specifically by the Atlantean High Priestess and allowed the transference of the crystal energy through the Universal Language of Light. A colour exchange and vibration that needed no words to accompany and assist it's powerful and beautiful message.

At the time when Edgar Cayce talked about the use of a crystal, Larimar had not been rediscovered. Larimar has only been found (so far) in the Caribbean. The origin of these Crystals intimate that they were the keepers of a Hidden energy in their place of origin. As and when these new crystal energies are rediscovered, that energy is ready once more to be dipped into and used for this age. Those who worked with those energies in pastlives will be drawn psychically once again to take up and use that energy for the collective benefit.

Azurite and Larimar have a much deeper Physical and Spiritual use and understanding and if you do find yourself drawn to them it's worth taking time out to examine why they are needed.
Another opportunity to work on your subconscious and intuitive connection and abilities, to look within at why and how they can be used by yourself, either on a physical or spiritual level. Each holding keys to develop an all round deeper understanding and expression of the True Divine self.

It's not always necessary to have in your possession that specific crystal. Just by focusing on and tuning into it's energy through an image, name or feeling can be just as effective. Which is just as well, as much overmining of crystals is taking place to accommodate the markets demand for them. Removal of crystals from their origin will have a detrimental energetic effect in my opinion.

Spend some time in silence today and be open to the call of a crystal that can be used for yourself. You may well be surprised!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

New book out. YOUR ASTROLOGICAL MOONSIGN by David Wells

David's new book out now and more than very worthy of being a Christmas pressie for all!


Sype Astrology Course

My friend Ruth McGregor is starting a 12 week Beginners Astrology course on Skype, starting Wednesday 4th January.
There are some places left so if you are interested please contact Ruth at

You'll be looking at the fundamentals of Astrology and how to do a basic deduction. Ruth's a wonderful Teacher and am sure the course will be of a benefit to anyone interested in developing an understanding of Astrology and how it can help you create a deeper level of personal understanding.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Malt House Alveston, Nr Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7QP

Wednesday December 14th 2011 7pm - 9pm

Still some free places available for my evening introduction to the Crystal Singing Bowls, meet your Angel Meditation and introduction to Crystal energy.

Please contact me at if you would like to book a place.




Tis the season and all that and now is the time more than ever that we find ourselves presented with Angel images.

Angels come in many guises, their energy can be found within our family members and friends who we share our lives with. A physical expression of the mighty Angelic essence. Whether an Angel to you be a Shining White feathered being of beauty, a feeling, or a coloured dot of 'sparkle' seen from the corner of you eye, it matters not. We each are shown in the way that we are meant to see. No one is wrong.

The Angel is a beautiful expression of Divine energy, mirroring our own true Divinity.

In Truth we are beings of Love, Light, Wholeness and Magnificence but all too often that's forgotten through the challenges of Earthly life that can direct us away from that reality. Reconnecting with the Angelic energy helps remind us of our True nature.

Each Angel carries a specific job title if you like. Yes, they're 'a Jack of all', but also a Master of a one!
Angels of Love, of Peace, of Joy, of Protection, Healing, Teaching, Guidance, Support. In fact any energy that you could possibly wish to bring into your life and work with, can be done so by calling them in and asking them. 

In this World where we are encouraged to be strong, independent, to find our own way, to be our own support, we can at times feel lonely or isolated.  We have that support system available in the form of many different Universal energies.

We each have many guides to assist from other realms although we may not yet realise it or indeed wish to realise it.

Whether you believe these to be aspects of your Higher self, Spirit guides (Angels, Universal Spirit energies, Elementals, Spirits of Loved ones who have crossed) inviting in these energies can bring a deeper connection to the unseen aspects of the true connective reality and create within ourselves a deeper sense of belonging.  Of being able to Love and to be Loved, Unconditionally, without demands or expectations and without judgement.

Life is an opportunity for growth and working with our Earthly and Spiritual community can bring a depth of wholeness that may well just take your breath away!

Adopt your Angels today, all you need to do is ask!

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Holly Wreath

Today I wanted to talk about the symbolism of the Holly Wreath, it is afterall the Festive Season!
The symbolism of a Holly Wreath is that of far more than a pretty decorative item placed on your Front Door this season!

Firstly the shape is important, the Circle.
The Circle has such an important and broad symbolic interpretation. Words such as eternity, eternal life, the beginning without an end, the cycle of life, as one phase ends so a new one begins are evoked.
The Circle is a sacred Universal symbol of Divinity and shows Unity, wholeness, infinity, being one with. One with self, one with the family and friends, one with humanity and one with the Universe.

It's worth taking time out to have a ponder on your own associated thoughts and feelings of a circle. What emotions does it invoke in you? We are all different and although Circle has a Universal meaning our own personal thoughts creates a much deeper understanding.

Items selected to be placed within your Wreath each carry there own message.

Holly was considered a sacred plants by the Druids, (Wise people of the ancient traditions) to them Holly represented good luck, protection and assistance in dreamwork and particularly revered in Winter when other plants had shed their foliage in preparation for a period of dormancy. Holly is celebrated for it's resilience to cope with all seasons and have it's glossy leaves shine brightly throughout all weathers. A sign for Victory and Light over all circumstances. The berries at this time of the year represents fertility and creative expression. The ability to be fruitful and to continue creating the seed from which all will grow.

The wreath I made above has apples in it. I like to include apples because of their personal symbolism.
Apples to me represent Love, Fertility, Abundance, Truth and Peace and at a time when many of us have family with us, a powerful carrier of those energies with which to surround our Loved ones and self.

Pine Cones.
I love the symbolism of Pine cones, firstly they are representative in Spiritual development of the pineal  gland, the Third eye, the opening up and connection to the mystical nature of our True self. Like a real pinecone which uses the sun, the Light to open and share it's seeds, so too the pineal gland uses the Spiritual Light.   Allowing us to receive those seeds of mystical intrigue that leads to a search for deeper understanding within our life. If you are partial to a meditation!, then holding a Pine cone whilst doing so, can produce a deep connection with it's meaning.

Making your own wreath can be a wonderful opportunity for you to include and bring in energy aspects that you wish to bring forth in your life and surroundings for the season.

Give it a go, it's not difficult  to do and means so much more when you've put your time, your thoughts and your efforts into it's creation.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's not how much we earn, how much we own or how many qualifications we have that defines who we are. It's our thoughts, words and actions....


When we live by our instincts, we find the way of the Wolf. Living without rational form, trusting and having Faith in our ability to provide for our survival.