Tuesday, 13 December 2011



Tis the season and all that and now is the time more than ever that we find ourselves presented with Angel images.

Angels come in many guises, their energy can be found within our family members and friends who we share our lives with. A physical expression of the mighty Angelic essence. Whether an Angel to you be a Shining White feathered being of beauty, a feeling, or a coloured dot of 'sparkle' seen from the corner of you eye, it matters not. We each are shown in the way that we are meant to see. No one is wrong.

The Angel is a beautiful expression of Divine energy, mirroring our own true Divinity.

In Truth we are beings of Love, Light, Wholeness and Magnificence but all too often that's forgotten through the challenges of Earthly life that can direct us away from that reality. Reconnecting with the Angelic energy helps remind us of our True nature.

Each Angel carries a specific job title if you like. Yes, they're 'a Jack of all', but also a Master of a one!
Angels of Love, of Peace, of Joy, of Protection, Healing, Teaching, Guidance, Support. In fact any energy that you could possibly wish to bring into your life and work with, can be done so by calling them in and asking them. 

In this World where we are encouraged to be strong, independent, to find our own way, to be our own support, we can at times feel lonely or isolated.  We have that support system available in the form of many different Universal energies.

We each have many guides to assist from other realms although we may not yet realise it or indeed wish to realise it.

Whether you believe these to be aspects of your Higher self, Spirit guides (Angels, Universal Spirit energies, Elementals, Spirits of Loved ones who have crossed) inviting in these energies can bring a deeper connection to the unseen aspects of the true connective reality and create within ourselves a deeper sense of belonging.  Of being able to Love and to be Loved, Unconditionally, without demands or expectations and without judgement.

Life is an opportunity for growth and working with our Earthly and Spiritual community can bring a depth of wholeness that may well just take your breath away!

Adopt your Angels today, all you need to do is ask!

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