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Today it's good 'ole Father Christmas that gets to have an outing, just in case you've missed him over the last 3 months!

Father Christmas, Santa, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle and on and on in his different guises from all over the World!

When looking at the symbolism behind the Jolly chappie I'm reminded of the wonderful energy of the Planet Jupiter, hence the magnificent picture above.

Thanks to my friend David Wells @ for reminding today that Jupiter goes forward on Sunday the 25th, Christmas day, what a coincidence, or not!

The energy of Jupiter I liken to the colour Purple, which seems to be getting a prolonged outing at the minute! Purple is the opportunity for transformation, through transformation comes the chance for a great gift. That of reaching and being an altered Higher form. Perceiving and being open to aspects that as yet we may not have been aware of. Embracing a greater depth in our self through our Spiritual, mental and physical being.

So Jupiter, top man! Jupiter linked to the energy of Archangel Zadkiel and linked to the Qabalistic sephirah of Chesed. Chesed, kindness, Love, abundance and a whole lot more if you feel drawn to explore.
 Love firstly for self as without Love and kindness for self we are dependent on looking for that in others. Creating expectations and demands that we have no right to put on others. Once we are able to receive Love within ourselves we can then love others in the way that is meant, Unconditionally, without expectations, without demands and without judgements.

So the rosy cheeked chappie Santa comes along to show us what? Well in this day and age it would appear he comes to bring a sack load of 'stuff'! I'm sure somewhere hidden amongst the stuff is at least half of a one thing that we truly need in our life?! Or perhaps not! Perhaps we struggle in this age to find something that might fill a desire, a want, a need through a physical gift? Asking my kids what they wanted this Year was a struggle, why, because they already have all they want. Throughout the year we buy 'stuff' we feel we want that will fill that gap that needs to be filled, but does 'stuff' truly fill that gap?

Why not allow this Christmas to be a time where that gap if filled with Love and with kindness, the Truth behind the energy. Many of us have the opportunity to share time with our near and dear, either physically or for those with loved ones in Spirit an opportunity to share and spend concentrated time with them.

For those who have no physical to share with then it's a perfect opportunity to share time with you. Loneliness is a negative perception of a chance to get to know yourself, your true self. We are never alone, we have an energetic connection with all. Tune in to your thoughts, your feelings and let the support you are gifted be the true main present of this season.

Don't forget we don't live in this worldwideweb for nothing. Feeling disconnected presents you with an opportunity to reach out to others through the internet, to share with our energetic friends, although not visually seeing them we connect on a deeper level.

Welcome the energy of Jupiter into your life, explore the gift of connection with our self and through that reach out and give the gift of connection with others who may need that physical or energetic contact.

Have a fabulously, wonderful Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you are with. And if with yourself, how wonderful, no arguing over the TV controlle! Be free to enjoy the time off from the usual routine doing something YOU want to do with someone who needs your attention, YOU!


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