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Drawn to sharing my thoughts on the Crystal Azurite and Larimar today.
Azurite (Lapis Lingua) was mentioned by Edgar Cayce and althought Larimar at that time had not been rediscovered it's believed that this also was described by Cayce. It's worth taking a look at information about both Cayce and his legacy, A.R.E, Association for Research and Enlightenment, as it can lead to some interesting insights.
Each of these two Crystals have very different and specific energies connected to them and through experience I have found when their energy calls for focus on, they can produce significant results.

Larimar is an exceptional stone to use if drawn towards, for Healing. In my experience, primarily used for drawing out and healing through the Higher Heart to throat and producing an effect that allows expression of the Higher Heart, Unconditional Divine Love.

Also very effective in my experience for use by Males as it introduces a Feminine energy aspect for bringing in balance of the masculine/feminine polarity. 
Healing of the thymus, thyroid and chest physically and promoting the Healer within. This crystal is also very strongly linked to Lemurian energy and that of sonic communicative vibration.

Azurite is linked to psychic development and promoting by opening to it's fullest expression the Third eye Chakra. This is not a subtle opening, more of a wham, bam, thank you mam job and when you hear the call for Azurite's use know that this could be a serious jump in your spiritual development, rising you to a much Higher vibrational rate that will only be tolerated if the right preparation and clearance has been made by the self, physically and Spiritually.

Azurite is also linked to Sagittarius and it's energy can be focused on when needing to connect to a deeper Universal energy through Sagittarius' link with the Galactic Centre and the energy made available at that target point.

With all crystals I believe it is about using the ones you are drawn to. They will work their energy when you are ready to receive them and allowing yourself to be drawn to a specific crystal is a fantastic opportunity of allowing your intuition to guide.

Azurite or Lapis Lingua as it was more commonly known in the past is believed to have been used in the Atlantean period, specifically by the Atlantean High Priestess and allowed the transference of the crystal energy through the Universal Language of Light. A colour exchange and vibration that needed no words to accompany and assist it's powerful and beautiful message.

At the time when Edgar Cayce talked about the use of a crystal, Larimar had not been rediscovered. Larimar has only been found (so far) in the Caribbean. The origin of these Crystals intimate that they were the keepers of a Hidden energy in their place of origin. As and when these new crystal energies are rediscovered, that energy is ready once more to be dipped into and used for this age. Those who worked with those energies in pastlives will be drawn psychically once again to take up and use that energy for the collective benefit.

Azurite and Larimar have a much deeper Physical and Spiritual use and understanding and if you do find yourself drawn to them it's worth taking time out to examine why they are needed.
Another opportunity to work on your subconscious and intuitive connection and abilities, to look within at why and how they can be used by yourself, either on a physical or spiritual level. Each holding keys to develop an all round deeper understanding and expression of the True Divine self.

It's not always necessary to have in your possession that specific crystal. Just by focusing on and tuning into it's energy through an image, name or feeling can be just as effective. Which is just as well, as much overmining of crystals is taking place to accommodate the markets demand for them. Removal of crystals from their origin will have a detrimental energetic effect in my opinion.

Spend some time in silence today and be open to the call of a crystal that can be used for yourself. You may well be surprised!


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