Saturday, 24 December 2011


Mrs Moon.

So although the image above is of a Blue Moon, and not a New Moon, hey ho! Loved the image and loved the colour! Blue is a powerful energy colour and so needed an airing!

So today is a New Moon in Capricorn.

New Moon's offer the opportunity of setting new intentions. A chance to set in place, images and visions of Highest possibilites. Creating those images are the first step in the process of manifestation, so allow them to be as big and as beautiful as you need them to be.

You might be catching on to a theme in my blogs by now. To me it's about Spiritual growth and development. Developing and growing Spirit allows us to grow and develop in our physical expression. Aligning your images and thoughts intuitively through guidance received from within allows the magnificence of the form to be taken through the steps to manifestation.

With Capricorn's New Moon, to me it's about the opportunity of putting into place some sort of Structure and order into development. Without structure we can have a tendency to wander less purposefully and that leads to less effective means of using the energy and guidance provided to form growth.

For me the Qabalah offers a fantastic way to look at whatever aspects of Spirituality you are drawn to explore but within a supportive, structural example through the Universal Symbol of the Tree of Life.

With Qabalah you are free to explore aspects of Astrology, working with and developing relationships with Archetypal energy forms, working with the Angelic forces and using their energy, exploring pastlives, tarot, Healing, Meditation an on and on. Nothing is restricted it's a way to walk your walk the way your True self is asking you to walk it with the bonus of building up the confidence to talk your talk too.

There's no joining fee, you don't have to share blood, or look at anything that you aren't drawn too. It leaves you free to explore on your own terms but with a non restrictive discipline available that offers support and guidance.

Ultimately your walk on the path is your journey, Qabalah offers you a chance to meet up with others and share in a group or if you prefer, enough guidance is there to allow you to travel alone.

The Qabalah is well worth a google if you are drawn to any of the above aspects of Spirituality, in fact when it comes down to the Truth all aspects of Spirituality is encompassed within the Qabalah.

Enjoy putting into place your visions for the next year and remember to think about ways of structuring your development, whether it's buying a dream diary to start taking notes that arise from our subconscious self, taking time out to meditate, be it on the floor crossed legged or whilst on the move or whilst doing the ironing! Meditation is taking time to listen to the silence within and access images, thoughts and feeling that crop up whilst there. I'm quite happy to do that whilst doing the ironing task. For me It's the perfect opportunity, I find ironing mind numbingly dull and can hit the silence rapidly! It could be a chance for you to look at local groups where you can meet regularly to share thoughts with like minded people or joining an online group, looking at workshops or sessions that can give you a boost in enthusiasm or an opening into something new to take a look at. Whatever ways or means you choose to introduce form and structure into your Spiritual growth it will be worthwhile. Wandering aimlessly is tiring on the Spirit as well as the feet!

Have fun and let yourself go where you feel drawn, remembering the Light is always a guiding Star for all.

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