Wednesday, 21 December 2011


                                                           EAGLE NEBULA IMAGE

This beautiful image is from the Hubble telescope and is of the Eagle Nebula. It caught my attention today for a number of reasons.

Firstly in my Facebook group ITSALLWITHIN there was a linked shared about the recent discovery of several new planets.

I find this exciting. For those who have been open to the possibilities of other lifeforms, an energetic form of organism, entity or being existing then it's always a welcome to see information like this being released. The continuation of Science and Spirit combining to create a deeper, whole understanding.

For those who work with energy through subtler means then this won't come as a surprise. For those who haven't felt the inclination or need to explore this then it could be a 'scientific, logical' beginning of an explanation of a possibility of something other than this physical existence we lead. Perhaps a way of becoming open to the possibility that there are other dimensional realms of energetic form that sight alone as yet cannot access. Take a look at the recent discovery of 'Neutrino's', suggesting that Einstein's theory although right for the time is possibly ready to move on to a newer, Higher level of understanding.

Everything is energy, slow vibrational energy has form, we can 'see' ourselves, objects etc that have a denser energy. Colour and sound too have a vibrational energy. Thoughts and words have energy. Thoughts and feelings create chemical/energetic reactions within our body. Each sound has a different vibrational rate. Some sounds carry a purer vibration. Combining different sounds and indeed combining different letters produce differing vibrations at differing levels of purity,

The purer the vibration the purer the energy is sent and received. If a pure vibration is received by our conscious and thus subconscious self we are in benefit of it. If however the vibrational energy delivered conflicts with our energy body and vibration this has a negative effect. The vibration of Light is a pure energy.

In terms of colour use we are each drawn at different times to different combinations, thus mimicing our subtler energy desire to receive that colour blend for positive interaction on our energetic self.

When working with the mineral kingdom and drawn to using different crystals our energetic self is requesting it's energy for a function.

Today I've been drawn to Aquamarine and that colour is in the above image. As i've said in previous blogs, we don't physically need to have the crystal, we can focus our energy thoughts and connect to the energy of the crystal to work with it, try it, you might be surprised!

To me Aquamarine, is soothing, cooling, almost a sedative from overwork, but overwork on a mental or Spiritual level. Placed over our third eye chakra it can bring about into our energy body that soothing, calming effect. I've been a bit busy on that front lately and needed the aquamarine connection to rebalance and adjust so I can continue working without it draining me. Physical benefits of the energy of Aquamarine is respiratory, chest, bronchial disorders and it also assists with teeth and gum issues.

Aquamarine works well with several of our main Chakras and can help to rebalance and harmonise them. Heart to Throat to Third eye chakras in particularly and if you are working with your higher Heart chakra open then it benefits this too.

Been a challenging energetic period over the last 6 weeks. Great opportunities for clearing out old thought forms and general 'stuff' emotionally and physically that we no longer need. Moving on from that to allow room for the new. There are high levels of energy consciousness that are here to be embraced and worked with here but before they can be embraced and used effectively then this period of removal and transformation is required. Releasing, letting go of things that may have served us in the past can feel hard, draining energetically, having emotional and physical effects. Tis often a dark Night of the Soul that is experienced at this time, but from pain comes the opportunity of great gain.

Releasing and moving away from, doesn't mean it was wrong, it was right for that time but everything changes and so does our purpose as we grow. So let it go, be thankful for it and be excited at what is coming next!


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