Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Windmill's hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function.

Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it's workings. Air amongst a plethora of interpretation, representative of thought, intellect, idea and synthesis. 
Linked to the Astrological signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Air is the primary basis of all existence.
'I think, therefore I am', by Descartes sums up the principle.

The Wind turns the sails and the sails turn the millstones. Processing from a raw material, a grain, a seed, which holds all potential, through stages of transformation. Crushed through the strength of the millstones and then  releasing and producing a Purer refined substance. An Alchemists treasured process.

So once again a process of transmutation, from one state to a higher state and once again can be likened to the process of Spiritual evolution. 

The flour can be formed into bread, bread being a representation of the body of Christ, Christ, an energy that carries with it great Wisdom, strength, courage and Love.

The pure Truth of all Religion, (often hidden away by our  perceptions of a controlling, dominant, restrictive means of accessing Spiritual empowerment), is LOVE. Pure Unconditional Love. Love without demand, without expectations and without judgement. Jesus the Christed man was a living example of that empowered existence as well as others in differering religions and beliefs with a similar message.

Often our thoughts of the energy that some call God, others the source, to some, just the highest, purest state and of Christ is tainted by our earlier experiences. Either through experience of, or through media of a Strict Religion based teaching that instead of promoting ideal aspects appear to produce warring factions, the very antithesis of Love. 
This is a shame as looking at the energies in their purest form can create a great tool for self and soul development and empowerment. Being open to and not dismissing these named energies leaves open a pathway to heightened levels of consciousness and realisation if we choose to explore and offers the chance to receive guidance and support from Spirit whilst walking our own walk.

As we move along one of the many paths, we come into contact with many different named energies. Named so that we can identify with them. Archetypal energies, each offering something different to aid and assist us with. These Archetypes are present in dream, meditation and daily life through symbols and other energy representations.

Embracing these energies, working with and through them creates within us a network of support.  Energy, Spirit guidance and a comforting presence. 
As we spend more time walking our path we are offered opportunities to regather other aspects of our multidimensional self. Aspects that exist in energetic form in other planes of existance.

For many this can seem strange to say the least. I guess it all comes down to what you believe this life we lead here on Earth to be?
Are we here as three dimensional beings just living this existence or are there others aspects to our selves? When this physical body stops functioning, what happens then? Is it game over, or game just rebeginning elsewhere in a different form?

If you are open to the possibility that an essence of our self moves on, then understanding that there are multidimensional aspects of our spirit elsewhere would seem, dare I say it, 'logical'! It's not as far fetched a belief as first seems but having blind Faith in this often is not enough. You have to experience aspects of it to believe.

Anyway back to the Windmill! It again like the colour purple is a symbol of Spiritual transformation and ascendance so if Windmill's are ever highlighted for you, take a look within at your own personal feelings, emotions and intuitions that surround Mr Windymillers gaff!



  1. Thank you for posting this. I have recently been attending Spiritual Awareness classes and working on my guidance from spirit....I recently saw a windmill and felt it meant more of a message for me. I know now it was spiritually guided.

  2. I find this very comforting and physical and spiritual eye opening thank you

  3. WONDERFUL! THANK YOU! As I use the word "God" in my sharing, I find myself qualifying the spirit of the word with a trail of as many of the words that we attempt to communicate, to offer the openness I hold, and to include the oneness.

  4. This is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for posting this.