Monday, 19 December 2011


The Vibrational Energy of the colour Purple is a powerful tool in Spiritual Transformation in the Age of Aquarius, Age of Horus. As powerful in strength now as when it's True symbolism was understood and used in past Civilisations and Ages.

Purple's Energy is Magical, Mystical, Mysticism, Power, Royalty, Nobility and Wealth.
These attributes were understood originally in their Spiritual sense rather than in physical expressions but over time the energy of Purple became the energy of power through control and dominance over others instead of it's True use in Personal empowerment. The cost of producing the dye meant that in Ancient Egypt and Rome, only the Royalty, Nobility or High Priestly roles wore that colour as a sign of their Spiritual Understanding.

Purple is Transmutation, the ability to change one form to a purer state. The Ancient Alchemists understood this in their Quest for The Philosophers Stone, the perfected Spiritual state, of attaining the highest level of consciousness.
Chemists use transmutation processes to change physical elements.

Purple is associated with the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Lord of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Ritual. His energy provides the opportunity to create powerful change in our self. Clearing emotions, feelings, thoughts, circumstances whose energies no longer serve us.
An opportunity through Archetypal guidance to clear through the challenges of the darker energies, - removing and creating the alteration from dark to Light. Allowing us to rediscover and connect with our collective being (our multidimensional true self) in Higher realms of consciousness that we can bring to life in our Physical.

Strength can be provided whilst going through this often challenging and at times emotionally painful process by tuning into the energy of the Crystal Amethyst. A powerful protective energy, that aids also by opening us up to the reconnection of our true Spiritual Nature. I'd also recommend the Crystal Peacock Ore as well and as I've mentioned in an earlier blog it isn't necessary to have these Crystals. Just tuning into their image and intuitively accessing their energy is just as powerful.
Malachite and Green Aventurine are also useful Crystals to use during this period of inner change. They bring in often much needed Love, Balance, Harmony and Healing through the Heart Chakra and the strength of protection and courage of Turquoise even through wearing the colour, particularly around the Throat can help the Throat Chakra with clear expression during this experience.

The Planets Jupiter and Arcturus are linked to Purple and the energy that these planets exert are worth researching both inwardly and outwardly, esoterically and exoterically. Finding and working with the placement of Jupiter in your Natal chart can help to bring a deeper understanding of it's influences in your Nature and help you to work with those traits.

Jupiter is linked to the Qabalah Sephirah Chesed and working within the supportive structure, archetypal form and symbolism of the Q can bring much needed non restrictive Spiritual development and growth through guidance. An opportunity which feeds not only our Soul but our Physical expression.

Further information and links about the Mystical Qabalah can be found at and

If you are faced with a Purple path in dreams or meditations know that you are being offered the chance to walk a path that offers a great opportunity in clearance, a chance to review aspects of your inner self that can be released and let go of to create a purer Higher State of multi faceted consciousness.

Merlin, (Wizard/Magician archetype) and the Wiseman (Hermit, guidance, Wisdom, knowledge) is also linked to the colour Purple and working with the collective energy of these archetypes whilst going through the transformational process can offer deep support and guidance at a challenging time.

When drawn towards Purple in the physical, through clothes, crystals, flowers, dreams, meditations,etc, recognise that Purple's energy is calling you forward to bring you the possibility of great change and the chance to transform the self to a multidimensional expression, no small deal! Be brave, be strong, be courageous and delve into the inner to review, release and move upwards!


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