Tuesday, 17 January 2012



We can roll from one extreme to the other. The deepest depths of despair to waves of pure ecstatic bliss. But surely the aim of the game is finding a working Balance betweeen the two, a way of living, experiencing and functioning as well as we possibly can?

For those who have experienced prolonged periods of depression it can seem strange to acknowledge that there are times in our lives when we do indeed need to feel, experience emotions that cause deep, emotional upset and discomfort. To embrace these feelings might seem bizzarre.
We are living this life as a Human whilst being Spiritual Beings. We are a body of Light and at times that can seem VERY well hidden amongst the daily trials and tribulations that our Human journey can lead us to walk.

Without any pain there is no gain, we have a need to experience the challenges as much as we need to experience the high points. It's about balance. Acknowledging that these times are constantly changing, evolving.
What is for today will not be the same tomorrow.
When we experience something that hurts, we can often forget that this hurt will change. It will alter in form as times change and evolve. We don't have to hang on to that hurt any longer than we need to. We don't have to feel guilty about no longer feeling that hurt and wanting to find that balance, to find that enjoyment and happiness that we too are entitled to have.

We recognise, acknowledge it, go with it and are ready to move away from it when needed. Hanging on to relevant feelings works both ways. We need to embrace both the good and the bad and recognise that between them reigns the balance which allows them to harmonise and equal each other out. Each still wholly relevant as the other and between them bringing the optimum opportunties to grow and evolve through those experiences.

How can you find balance in your life? What floats your emotional boat?
 Work with those balancing aspects whether it means more time with loved ones in your life, more space for you as an individual, a walk out in the park, by the sea, in the woods, a time to nuture, to fill that deep bath with that posh scented stuff Aunty Marg gave you last Christmas and time to honour yourself, your feelings, your emotions and to give yourself a clap on the back when you see that all that comes, gives an opportunity to experience, learn, grow and evolve as we are meant.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Archetypal Energies. What are they? Is there an Earthly purpose for them?

Quan Yin/Kwan Yin

What is an Archetypal Energy?

An Archetypal energy is the energy that any image presents. Everything is an Archetypal Energy, from people, to animals, colour, sound,symbols etc.
Each has connected and inbued within it an energy that it represents.
Each symbol, colour, planet etc carries it's own Universal interpretation and understanding but it's important to realise that depth and clarity from being presented by them comes from your own personal feelings/reactions, thoughts and subsequent images that arise.

Take for instance a dream. Within that dream your subconscious/Spirit is allowed free reign to explore whatever it is needing at that time to see, feel, experience, learn, know and or understand.
When waking from dreamstate you may only remember one aspect of that dream. The needed aspect will be allowed to be remembered as this is the point needing work on to provide clarity within your daily life. All work presents on different levels. On a Spiritual level from different Higher aspects all the way to your physical self and its manifestation on the Earth plane.
The combination is required to allow a balance between our 'whole' being.
We are indeed Spiritual beings with the whole of Universal infinity at our disposal but Earth is the stage for that spirit to perform in it's costume.

The World IS a symbol. Each and everything held within it is a point of guidance, the key is to understanding when and what that guidance is pointing at and towards.

Everyday we can see the same image, the same roadsign the same animal, the same person but only when our Subconscious picks up and recognises does it then become an opportunity. An opportunity for exploring it's understanding to us personally and ways in which to use that opportunity effectively within our lives.

For example, and simply because this image is prevalent today lets look at Quan Yin.
Quan Yin is a Buddhist goddess associated with amongst other energy aspects, Compassion. When you choose to look into the Universal interpretation of Quan Yin you are gifted an insight into what her energy represents. This then can be drawn into use by yourself by becoming Compassion, Grace, Love, Mercy.
After a Universal interpretation enter your flow and feel what that energy represents to you personally. How can you bring that energy into being and importantly, why are you needing to bring that energy into your life? What aspects in both your Spiritual and physical manifestation would this Compassion, grace, Mercy and Love assist?

When you build up your own personal added depth of Archetypal understanding you can begin to easily adapt it and integrate it into the situations that are presenting in your life. You may also be guided to follow aspects that lead from that initial image. Quan Yin is linked to Venus, so explore the Venusian aspect Astrologically both within your Natal chart and where and what Venus may be up to that day! Each will bring a deeper personal understanding. Each colour, image etc will lead back to a planetary aspect some known to mankind and some still undiscovered, it Truly is AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

Quan Yin is linked to the colour magenta so look at that colour if colour is your way of working, she also links to the musical note F sharp which links to Libra and the High heart chakra and the need to find balance and harmony. At this point an opportunity to look at relationships and finding 'Right relationships' where the balance of want and need is addressed. The crystal Rosophia is linked to Quan Yin so if crystals draw you then adding focus on Rosophia can help ease that energy into place for your use.

We may work guidance through colour and sound, the True Universal language of light and each colour and musical note relate back once again as indeed it should to planetary/Universal being.

We are presented throughout History with Archetypal expression through form. Is there a Joan of Arc presenting in your life, do you need to bring in the energy of Joan, her Divine Warrior aspect. Do you need to embrace Cleopatra for a time, use that feminine charm positively, her grace, her strength and indeed her Majesty? Do you need to be Archangel Raphael and use that healing energy and Love?

Each and every Form acknowledged by ourself through dream, meditation, contemplation and physical presentation, offers that wonderful opportunity of bringing about a change in our present state. All energy must lead from the Heart to be embraced as it should.

So should we use Archetypal Energy in our Lives, should we use the guidance around us being offered? Each aspect adds to our collective whole being. We are all one within this Multi dimensional infinite Universe, we have all those aspects of being, we are all Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Apollo, Merlin and being free to allow those aspects to return to us when we need them for however long or short a period of time allows expansion and creative expressive and manifestation in our 'Whole' being.

I shall be starting up a number of evening and weekend workshops this year entitled 'Remembering our Collective Being'. Looking at and sharing ways in which you can open up to allowing these returning aspects. Allowing them entry into your life to present a 'Whole being' ready to continue forwards effectively on this Earth Plane. Our stage for Life!

Details of dates and venues will be announced shortly here and in groups.

Go find the Archetype waiting for you today and let the energy empower YOUR personal self development.

Jo x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Golden Caduceus

Felt drawn to share this image today. The Golden Caduceus.
I traditionally associate it with Hermes the Greek Messenger God and half brother of Apollo the Sun God. So much I could say but am narrowing it down to the aspects that are being highlighted to me.

In Roman mythology, (and this is the Highlighted aspect at this point), Mercury is the carrier of the Caduceus which is held in his left hand. Left is representative of the feminine energy aspect, the receptive vessel.
The two intertwined Serpents have carried much symbolism throughout the ages and can be found all over the World in different beliefs, myths and legends. They can be seen as representative of the Spiral of creation, and indeed DNA, the Union of strands. 
 The two aspects of male/female, yin/yang polarities within all micro and macrocosmic relationships and the knowledge, understanding and Wisdom that the two perfected aspects can between them attain through the balance of the middle staff.
Gold in this situation represents perfection on all levels.

The symbol can be representative of the planet Mercury and it's energy in Astrological terms. Mercury the Roman God is a protector of Shepherds, of merchants, writers and therefore can be linked to commerce and mediation, to the two polarities requiring balance for optimum expression.The wings represent that Mercurial energy, a Divine Messenger and a guardian of travel.

The Caduceus has a wholly different meaning to that of the healing staff of Ascelpius and Asclepius is indeed worthy of his own blog mention on another day!

When a Golden Caduceus becomes a symbol that appears in your life it's an opportunity to look at the Golden opportunities which are being presented. Those aspects which have achieved union, are in that perfected balanced state and to go with the message of knowing that Perfection creates and provides Divine protection both in your work, your travels and in the relationship in which that balance has been achieved.


Monday, 2 January 2012


Golden Gate San Francisco

So it's here, the long awaited 2012 and now it is here it feels like the day after the BIG party!

What does this arrival mean? What's next?

My own feelings about 2012 link to a Bridge between the old and the new. The old perceptions, veils have been lifted, have we removed those perceptions from our mindset yet? Are we ready to embrace and start working with these new levels of Consciousness that have received this outing?

The old has led us to this point, all that has been, has been gratefully received and thanks have been expressed. Now we can use what we have learnt through our personal experiences up to this now and welcome in our new thoughts, our new understanding and create a greater whole for our total being.

It's a year of opportunities for sure, but to use these opportunities we must be willing to release old thoughtforms, patterns and anything that no longer serves this now.

How these opportunities present are yet to be seen, placing expectations limits our imagination to create and manifest. By simply surrendering to the flow we can let it lead wherever we need to be, with who ever we need to be with.

It's about having Faith, Faith in yourself and the guidance that you are provided from within. Guidance comes in many forms and it's recognising and acing on that guidance that is the challenge.

How can we listen more and understand what path's we are being led down? Open your Heart, work from the Heart not the mind and Trust and honour your feelings and emotions.

Spiritual growth is not like a book that you can pick up and put down when you feel like it. Spiritual growth and living that Spiritual life is an every second of every minute of every hour of every day job! No Christmas bonus in the pay packet with this one but an eternal bonus in terms of our Soul purpose and a beautiful, Magical daily life if we choose to see it!

It's time to listen to what you are being drawn to, there are many paths that lead to the same place, work with the ones that you are drawn to.

If you need a more disciplined supported structure to your development then take a look at the Qabalah, a living example of our whole being through the Universal symbol of the Tree of Life. Qabalah offers many different aspects to your growth and you may just be surprised at how many of those different paths are held within the 'Q'.

If you aren't drawn then follow the seperate aspects as they arise, be free to embrace all that 'feels' right and ready to leave alone those that don't.

There are so many sites and groups offering support Spiritually at this time, groups where members are encouraged to share, listen, Love and grow together. Find one that calls you and be willing to express your thoughts feelings and emotions when the voice from within encourages you to do so.

One thing is for sure 2012 offers us a wonderful opportunity to be part of a great collective, a body of people, of Spiritual beings exeriencing and living a physical self, all working towards one same goal and the new consciousness allows great strides to be made in that process.

Have fun, enjoy, Live, Love, Laugh!