Monday, 2 January 2012


Golden Gate San Francisco

So it's here, the long awaited 2012 and now it is here it feels like the day after the BIG party!

What does this arrival mean? What's next?

My own feelings about 2012 link to a Bridge between the old and the new. The old perceptions, veils have been lifted, have we removed those perceptions from our mindset yet? Are we ready to embrace and start working with these new levels of Consciousness that have received this outing?

The old has led us to this point, all that has been, has been gratefully received and thanks have been expressed. Now we can use what we have learnt through our personal experiences up to this now and welcome in our new thoughts, our new understanding and create a greater whole for our total being.

It's a year of opportunities for sure, but to use these opportunities we must be willing to release old thoughtforms, patterns and anything that no longer serves this now.

How these opportunities present are yet to be seen, placing expectations limits our imagination to create and manifest. By simply surrendering to the flow we can let it lead wherever we need to be, with who ever we need to be with.

It's about having Faith, Faith in yourself and the guidance that you are provided from within. Guidance comes in many forms and it's recognising and acing on that guidance that is the challenge.

How can we listen more and understand what path's we are being led down? Open your Heart, work from the Heart not the mind and Trust and honour your feelings and emotions.

Spiritual growth is not like a book that you can pick up and put down when you feel like it. Spiritual growth and living that Spiritual life is an every second of every minute of every hour of every day job! No Christmas bonus in the pay packet with this one but an eternal bonus in terms of our Soul purpose and a beautiful, Magical daily life if we choose to see it!

It's time to listen to what you are being drawn to, there are many paths that lead to the same place, work with the ones that you are drawn to.

If you need a more disciplined supported structure to your development then take a look at the Qabalah, a living example of our whole being through the Universal symbol of the Tree of Life. Qabalah offers many different aspects to your growth and you may just be surprised at how many of those different paths are held within the 'Q'.

If you aren't drawn then follow the seperate aspects as they arise, be free to embrace all that 'feels' right and ready to leave alone those that don't.

There are so many sites and groups offering support Spiritually at this time, groups where members are encouraged to share, listen, Love and grow together. Find one that calls you and be willing to express your thoughts feelings and emotions when the voice from within encourages you to do so.

One thing is for sure 2012 offers us a wonderful opportunity to be part of a great collective, a body of people, of Spiritual beings exeriencing and living a physical self, all working towards one same goal and the new consciousness allows great strides to be made in that process.

Have fun, enjoy, Live, Love, Laugh!

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