Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Golden Caduceus

Felt drawn to share this image today. The Golden Caduceus.
I traditionally associate it with Hermes the Greek Messenger God and half brother of Apollo the Sun God. So much I could say but am narrowing it down to the aspects that are being highlighted to me.

In Roman mythology, (and this is the Highlighted aspect at this point), Mercury is the carrier of the Caduceus which is held in his left hand. Left is representative of the feminine energy aspect, the receptive vessel.
The two intertwined Serpents have carried much symbolism throughout the ages and can be found all over the World in different beliefs, myths and legends. They can be seen as representative of the Spiral of creation, and indeed DNA, the Union of strands. 
 The two aspects of male/female, yin/yang polarities within all micro and macrocosmic relationships and the knowledge, understanding and Wisdom that the two perfected aspects can between them attain through the balance of the middle staff.
Gold in this situation represents perfection on all levels.

The symbol can be representative of the planet Mercury and it's energy in Astrological terms. Mercury the Roman God is a protector of Shepherds, of merchants, writers and therefore can be linked to commerce and mediation, to the two polarities requiring balance for optimum expression.The wings represent that Mercurial energy, a Divine Messenger and a guardian of travel.

The Caduceus has a wholly different meaning to that of the healing staff of Ascelpius and Asclepius is indeed worthy of his own blog mention on another day!

When a Golden Caduceus becomes a symbol that appears in your life it's an opportunity to look at the Golden opportunities which are being presented. Those aspects which have achieved union, are in that perfected balanced state and to go with the message of knowing that Perfection creates and provides Divine protection both in your work, your travels and in the relationship in which that balance has been achieved.


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  1. I believe the caduceus is biblical. I think it actually based on Moses. When the israelites were being bit by snakes he put a gold one (I think) on a stick and when they were bit the were to look upon it and be healed. The symbolism was a fortelling of the future. Jesus Christ who would be nailed on a cross and all who look to him will be heal and saved. have a good one.