Tuesday, 17 January 2012



We can roll from one extreme to the other. The deepest depths of despair to waves of pure ecstatic bliss. But surely the aim of the game is finding a working Balance betweeen the two, a way of living, experiencing and functioning as well as we possibly can?

For those who have experienced prolonged periods of depression it can seem strange to acknowledge that there are times in our lives when we do indeed need to feel, experience emotions that cause deep, emotional upset and discomfort. To embrace these feelings might seem bizzarre.
We are living this life as a Human whilst being Spiritual Beings. We are a body of Light and at times that can seem VERY well hidden amongst the daily trials and tribulations that our Human journey can lead us to walk.

Without any pain there is no gain, we have a need to experience the challenges as much as we need to experience the high points. It's about balance. Acknowledging that these times are constantly changing, evolving.
What is for today will not be the same tomorrow.
When we experience something that hurts, we can often forget that this hurt will change. It will alter in form as times change and evolve. We don't have to hang on to that hurt any longer than we need to. We don't have to feel guilty about no longer feeling that hurt and wanting to find that balance, to find that enjoyment and happiness that we too are entitled to have.

We recognise, acknowledge it, go with it and are ready to move away from it when needed. Hanging on to relevant feelings works both ways. We need to embrace both the good and the bad and recognise that between them reigns the balance which allows them to harmonise and equal each other out. Each still wholly relevant as the other and between them bringing the optimum opportunties to grow and evolve through those experiences.

How can you find balance in your life? What floats your emotional boat?
 Work with those balancing aspects whether it means more time with loved ones in your life, more space for you as an individual, a walk out in the park, by the sea, in the woods, a time to nuture, to fill that deep bath with that posh scented stuff Aunty Marg gave you last Christmas and time to honour yourself, your feelings, your emotions and to give yourself a clap on the back when you see that all that comes, gives an opportunity to experience, learn, grow and evolve as we are meant.


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